Making clothes is kind of like baking cookies.

When you roll out the dough and cut out all the fun-shaped cookies, do you throw away the dough scraps left-behind? No way! You roll that yummy goodness up into a ball, roll it out like new, and use it to make more cookies!



  • + It takes 700 gallons of water to produce enough cotton for one shirt. (Which is about the same as watering your lawn for 9 hours non-stop. #mayday...)
  • + Textiles take about 40 years to decompose, with post-consumer textiles (clothes that get thrown away) comprising about 5% of US landfill items each year.

It's true that the most sustainable product is the one that has already been produced, so Lord and Lady strives to create quality products that will last through the ages, but also incorporates sustainability into the product-creation process to anticipate and prevent pre-consumer textile waste.

Since our main material is 100% cotton, this not only reduces our consumption of water and energy by making our process hyper-efficient, but also prevents our fabric offcuts from being thrown out.



Since ties need to be cut on a bias (diagonally) for the best drape, a lot of fabric wastage is typical. We engineer new products from our cut-offs to keep as much fabric out of landfills as possible. Waste not, want not! 


Part of the sustainable fashion movement, each of our pocket squares utilize fabric remnants from our ties: providing a perfect match for you, and leaving nothing on the cutting room floor. The smallest pieces from this process are crafted into little wrist-pin cushions and other small haberdashery items that we use - but will soon be available for sale too!