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divertir (fr) - to entertain

The French love beautiful things, so my first stop for a Parisian-style wander through Atlanta is The High Museum of Art. There are usually several visiting exhibits: I was lucky enough to see items from Le Louvre and a Dutch masters exhibition including 'Girl With a Pearl Earring' not too long ago, but their permanent white statuary collection never fails to take my breath away. If fine art does not suit you, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a wonderful substitute for beauty in a different form.

I choose The High, and after I visit my favorite Monets and sketch a few pieces of period furniture, it's time for a lunch break at Bistro Niko in Buckhead (Tip: For picky eaters, their Chicken Paillard and Cafe Caramel Sundae are to die for.)

The next stop is in the Westside Provisions District for a class at Preserving Place to brush up on my kitchen skills and prep for an eventual trip to Le Courdon Bleu... The Preserving Place is nestled in a fun collection of shops, but I love to stroll through Le Jardin Francais for some relaxing outdoor inspiration, then head to Perrines Wine Shop to stock up on fine wines and artisan cheeses.

For an afternoon pick-me-up and to relax before the dinner reservations, I head to Amelie's for an espresso and a palmier (or macaron), and settle down in a cozy chair near Marie Antoinette to read the next chapter my current book.

My dinner choice is a toss-up between the equally beautiful Parish Brasserie in Inman Park and the recently opened Little Bacch at Star Provisions in the Westside. If you're having trouble deciding and have a penchant for fine caviar, Little Bacch would suit you better.

The night is still young, so for after-dinner cocktails I enter a speakeasy through a classic British phone booth... I took the Chunnel to London for a traditional absinthe fix at Prohibition, a classic 1920s style cigar bar. 

Avoir une bonne soirée,

and thank you for spending a fun day and evening with me in Atlanta.

"I look for you in all the places I go, and maybe some day I'll find you."
- T.B. LaBerge // 'Unwritten Letters to You'
One last guest post to wrap up our week blogging for The Paris Market & Brocante, located in Savannah, Georgia. View the original post here.

xoxo, Lord and Lady Co.


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